NFL Invasive Insects
Katee Sackhoff Claudia Schiffer
IRS Claudia Cardinale
Hulu Katee Sackhoff
Claudia Schiffer Chesley Sullenberger
Drudge Report Guatemala Earthquake
YouTube Saoirse Ronan
Twitter Meg White
Diamonds Dulce Maria
Bing Yellow Submarine
NBA Tami Farrell
WWE Maria Bello
The Bachelor Ernie Davis
Plenty of Fish My Life As Liz
Pandora Radio Meg Tilly
How To Lose 10 Pounds Fast Meg Ryan

    What does the NFL, Kattee Sackhoff and the IRS have in common?  Perhaps you've seen them on Hulu or maybe even Youtube but unless your in touch with Twitter, you might as well consider yourself out of the loop. The NBA and WWE are Diamonds in the rough compared to the imfamous Claudia Schiffer (not to be confused with Claudia Cardinale).  Bing has the goods on the latest celebrities.  If you looking for details on Meg White, Tami Farrell or even Maria Bello, Bing will get you there.  If you have time, you can get there via Pandora Radio.  They can even tell you how to lose 10 pounds of fat fast!  Get that waist back the way it was.  Dulce Maria will be proud!  You might even make it into the NBA or WWE if you can cut enough calories.  THe Bachelor should know. He has eaten pleanty of fish.  Perhaps even some invasive insects, but to each his own. My life as Liz has led me to the ultimate Yellow Submarine.  I mean, who wouldn't want a yellow submarine, right?  Even Saoirse Ronan would endure a Guatemala earthquake for one of these puppies.   Perhaps you think this section a little non sequitur  but I assure you I will tie up the loose ends before all is said and done.  Where was I... oh yes, the NFL, IRS and Ernie Davis... or was is Kattee...  hard to say...  almost as hard as Sullenberger, as in Chesley Sullenberger, and up and coming shiny star.  Yes, very shiny.  Shiny in deed.  If you made it this far, I commend you.  May I suggest one of the above links, as they are most likely infinitely more interesting in contrast to this last paragraph.  Enjoy your day, and if nothing else... click on a magic link. Groovy! Easy as    1    2   3